Vendela Kirsebom

Model and Actress and host of Norwegian Top Model, Norway

Boris Entrupp

Beauty Expert, Professional Visagist (Germany's Next Top Model)

"I Love the Ice Mask™ ! 10 minutes of Ice Mask™ and I feel like I had an extra 2 hours of sleep!"

Dr. Sabine Zenker

Dermatologist, Munich, Germany

"I would highly recommend the use of Ice Mask™ before and after facial aesthetic procedures"

Dr. Terry Donat

Plastic Surgeon, USA

"Ice Mask™ helps to minimalize discomfort by reducing pain sensitivity through topical cooling with minimal tissue pressure through technique"

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Dr. Alexander Kovalev

Dermatologist Moscow, Russia

"Applying Ice Mask™ 10 minutes before the procedure helps to reduce the sensitivity"

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Dr. Thomas Klimaschka

Sports Medicine, Germany

I have used Liquid Ice in my medical clinic for treating soft tissue trauma, for my professional cycling teams for additional performance and faster recovery and now in the classroom of my private high school for taking care of my students needs . I have it at home for my family,everyone should have it.

Dr. Ulrich Hinderer

Plastic Surgeon and Founder of ISAPS and ISPAS International Plastic Surgery Associations Madrid Spain

"I found Liquid Ice very useful in the early postoperative period to improve edema"

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Dr. Narancic

Derma Swiss Medical, Switzerland

"I use Ice Mask™ and Liquid Ice after laser treatments to speed up recovery"

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