We are able to develop unique cooling based products based on the needs and heres how.

Using this 8 step system we continue to develop unique and award winning cooling products for many different fields, for Anti aging, medical, sports, veterinary ,cellulite as well as performance and recovery.

Our formula for product innovation takes place in 8 defined steps.

Innovation 8 the Ice Mask CosMedical

  1. Identify the need : Post procedural facial surgery swelling, bruising and pain reduction. Research for existing solutions, result none.

  2. Select best applicator: Lightweight complete coverage rayon mask with no microfiber residue, safe for use on open wounds

  3. Formulate ideal cooling fluids: Specifically formulated for additional skin healing ( Aloe Vera ) and collagen reproduction stimulation ( Vitamin C ). Moderate temperature drop for facial treatment.

  4. Optimize delivery method, individual chambers hermetically sealed not touched until activated with fluids with disinfectant qualities. Ease of use with surgical gloves.

  5. Target test, Dermatological temperature, patch testing with clients and patients

  6. Create product design and name to suit the specific sales channel keeping it simple.

  7. Introduce at congresses with key opinion leaders.

  8. Perfect product to best suit the exact needs of the market based on practical introduction feedback and market research results.

The Ice Mask Bob Lalla

Innovation 8, new product development program


Gary Hassler is the Founder of all our products and has years of exprience in product innovation, creation and implementation.

Cool Solutions GmbH is a micro company with a world wide impact, located in the heart of Vienna, Austria.
Wherever possible we outsource procedures to keep the core team lean and effective. This allows for fastest reaction times ,direct communication for quickest response to evolving market needs.


Our mission is to provide a healthier lifestyle

and to improve beauty inside and out.

We pride ourselves always to deliver what we promise

Our vision is to continuously create life changing products

and to start targeting the consumer market as well.

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