Our Products

Our Products

Our products are medically tested and scientifically proven to achieve the results promised. Continued evolution and development of unique CosMedical applications have helped us achieve universal acceptance in the aesthetic medical world. New easier to use, self contained products and delivery methods have been specifically designed for the consumer.

Ice Mask Face Wow!

The extra refreshing and revitalizing mask.
Ice Mask™ Face Wow! extra cooling and caffeine reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, zinc deep cleans the pores and helps prevent pimples.

Smooths the skin for better make-up application.

The new Ice Mask dual chamber system has made it easier than ever.
Each mask comes with its own activator fluid and therefore can be used at any location.

Ice Mask Gold with Nano Gold

The 5 star Lavish Luxury Rejuvenation experience.
The Ice Mask™ Gold The ultimate experience in beauty enhancement. It combines luxury effectiveness and absolute comfort. Pure Gold energizes and oxygenates the skin. Nano Gold rejuvenates the skin cells regrowth.

The Ice Mask Gold is now featured in some of the leading Hotels of the World such as the Grand Hotel in Vienna.

It is also currently used in foremost aesthetic clinics as part of the revolutionary

Laser Accelerated Nano Gold Epidermal Rejuvenation or (LANGER) protocol.

Liquid Ice Spray

Liquid Ice™ Pump Spray is the easiest way to enhance your sports performance naturally.

Energy in a spray, effective, yet gentle cooling has been proven to increase endurance!

Induced by evaporation (about 5°C) Liquid Ice™ reduces sweat loss up to 60% and loss of electrolytes. Studies show also, that cooling your body with Liquid Ice™ lowers the heart rate and core temperature therefore Liquid Ice™ can increase your endurance! For recovery and targeted cooling is also the fastest .

Ice Mask Anti-Aging

The International Innovation award winning Ice Mask™ is the true cosmaceutical. 

The very popular anti aging product was created for the post procedure aesthetic medical market, and is now also going to be available as a cosmetic to the general public.Astonishing Smoothing of the skin and fine lines are visible after just minutes.

Ice Mask Anti-Aging Professional

The Ice Mask™ Professional is used in New York, Moscow , Tokyo and Sydney in the top dermatalogical clinics all over the World, until now has only been available for professional use on patients and cosmetic clients. The newest Ice Mask 24 Anti Aging Original Swiss Formula was developed for use by regular users as well as the Aesthetic experts.

TSK Ice Mask with Antimicrobial

Pre and post treatment Formula developed specifically for TSK Laboratory, the market leader in specialty needles and cannulas for fillers mesotherapy and Botulinum toxin injection.
Applied before procedures, the TSK Ice Mask cooling helps reduce sensitivity to pain. Applied after Aesthetic procedures it is effective to limit bruising,redness and speed recovery.


Liquid Ice Ice Wrap Professional

Liquid Ice™ Ice Wrap Professional

Award winning self-cooling and compression wrap.

Targeted cooling, induced by evaporation (about 5°C) Liquid Ice™ reduces swelling and injury recovery time substantially.Swelling is frequently reduced in hours instead of days or weeks. Cooling lasts for 2-3 hours . No refrigeration necessary.

ice-wrap-web-3 square.jpg
Liquid Ice High Performance Spray 

Liquid Ice™ HIgh Performance Formula is the professional way to get more power and increased endurance anytime you want. The choice of World Champion drivers and professional athletes. 

Liquid Ice™ cooling in a spray, plus the  Energy Booster gives you even more power , endurance and improved concentration. It is scientifically proven to increase Energy (ATP) as well as VO2 .Max. The patented Thermogenetic spray frees extra energy directly to the muscle while caffeine improves focus while reducing fatigue, . Liquid Ice performance spray is designed to be used on tight fitting clothing, race underwear, inside of Gloves or on a balaclava. When used with the Liquid Ice Performance bands, the cooling lasts for 2-3 hours. Easy to use, needs no refrigeration


Haku Mana Corona Killer

Hand Disinfection has become essential since the outbreak of covid19.

Constant usage can put a strain on the skin, therefore we put our years of experience with ethanol based cosmetics into different use.

The Haku Mana Corona Killer protects safely, with 72% Ethanol.
It also moisturizes and protects the skin with Manuka Oil and Aloe Vera.

For professional use, we offer double layered cotton gloves, to provide extra protection when sprayed with Haku Mana Corona Killer: On top of being protected, you also disinfect everywhere you touch - "Spread the Good, not the Evil"

The Haku Mana small Hand Sanitizer Amigo is made to fit in almost any pocket or purse and its cool look highlights your style, when left in the interior of your home or car.


Gary Hassler is the inventor of all our products and has years of experience in product innovation, develop and implementation.

Cool Solutions GmbH is a micro company with a world wide impact, located in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Wherever possible we outsource procedures to keep the core team lean and effective. This allows for fastest reaction times, direct communication for quickest response to evolving market needs.


Our mission is to provide a healthier lifestyle

and to improve beauty inside and out.


We pride ourselves to always deliver what we promise.


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