We develop and produce
Anti-Aging and aesthetic medical products
for specific needs

We develop and produce innovative 

Anti-Aging and aesthetic medical products

based on our evaporative self-cooling fluids used on specific applicators to achieve the desired results.


Ice Mask™ 

Anti Aging beauty is about fresh looks and well being.

The first aspect is the face, prevention of wrinkles and evening skin tone, it is also about the general feeling of wellness.

All of our Ice Masks are designed to achieve these desirable benefits.

Liquid Ice

Performance and Recovery

Self cooling products that accelerate the helaing of the body

(Liquid Ice Wrap)

and enhance the performance during sports or activities in circumstances of heat

(Liquid Ice Spray)

Areas of Expertise

Anti-Aging for the face
Improvement in skin quality
Cooling relief for face and body
Customized evaporative cooling fluids

Our products and treatments have been developed and tested for years, each one of them has been thoroughly medically tested and scientifically proven to produce visible and verifiable results.


Over the years we have created many innovative award winning aesthetic products. Some have been selected by Europes top aesthetic medical companys as well as governments.

Across the globe they are appreciated and chosen by

reknown dermatologists and plastic surgeons, doctors, celebrities, world champion athletes,and many more.

Through demographic research and by studying consumer trends we are always ready to develop the next new idea for an emerging market.


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